Ghana foiled attempt to establish breakaway Western Togoland

ACCRA� The Ghana Police Service arrested the Chairman of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), Papavi Hogbedetor and his accomplices championing the independence of the Volta Region.

According to a statement, police has gathered sufficient evidence from the group it was readying itself for the declaration of its independence on May 8 , 2019 with a draft constitution, national emblem and anthem prepared by these persons and others for their supposed country.

It added that activities of the group also include illegally recruiting and training young people in a militia style for them to form the core of their supposed country's armed forces and police force.

According to the police statement, eight persons, believed to be leaders of the HSGF group which is aimed at seceding from Ghana to declare an independent country called Western Togoland, have been arrested.

They were arrested on May 5 in the course of a meeting to finalise arrangements to declare independent Western Togoland on May 9.

The arrest was made by a team of all the intelligence agencies in Ghana, including Police and the Armed Forces.