October 15, 2020

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Portrayals of migration flows in Africa are often misconstrued and mischaracterized, according to a major new report from the African Union and International Organization for Migration. Among other things, the report says most African immigrants are crossing land borders in the continent, not trying to sail across seas and oceans on rickety boats.   Experts say those false perceptions have

Guinea’s voters go to the polls Sunday, deciding whether to grant a controversial third term to their 82-year-old president, Alpha Conde.   Big picture   Conde promoted constitutional reform, approved in a March referendum, that limits a president to two terms. But it also allows Conde to reset the starting point of his term, the government’s information minister, Amara Sompare,

Hunger and malnutrition are worsening in parts of the African continent because of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in low-income communities or those already stricken by continued conflict, according to a survey of 2,400 people in 10 African countries by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The survey, conducted from June to August, shows the pandemic has caused job