October 11, 2020

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Fresh out of university, Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi was living in the southern Nigerian state of Rivers when she was sexually assaulted. A housemate comforted her and urged her to report the attack.   “So, I went to the police station and it was a terrible experience,” Osowobi recalled.   But, encouraged by her mother, she began blogging about the lack

As the United Nations on Sunday marks International Day of the Girl Child, a Somali mother and daughter who have dedicated their lives to rehabilitating victims of conflict are gaining international acclaim.   Fartuun Adan and her daughter Ilwad Elman operate Elman Peace, an organization that helps victims of sexual violence and works to rehabilitate and provide job training to

The world marks the International Day of the Girl Child on Sunday, during a year in which a global pandemic and subsequent economic downturn has created further challenges for girls. The United Nations, which created the day in 2011 to promote girls’ rights, says difficulties already faced by girls have been exacerbated by the coronavirus health crisis, including in the