September 23, 2020

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The U.N.’s Commission of Inquiry on Burundi accuses the ruling party and Burundian authorities of implementing a strategy based on violence that skewers election results in their favor.  The commission has just submitted its final report to the U.N. Human Rights Council. This is the fourth and final year that the human rights situation in Burundi has been under the

U.N. Investigators warn peace in South Sudan and the future of its people are being compromised by deeply entrenched government corruption. The U.N. Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan has submitted its latest report to the U.N. Human Rights Council. The report presents a deeply disturbing picture of a country mired in crooked schemes aimed at enriching the political

While some South Sudanese experts recommend the government adopt a new economic system used by developing states to cut off black market currency exchange and stabilize skyrocketing prices, a new U.N. panel report says the real problem in South Sudan is deeply entrenched government corruption. South Sudan should switch to a developmental state economic system under which the government could