September 7, 2020

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Internally displaced persons at a U.N.-protected site in Bor, South Sudan say they’re living in fear after the U.N. Mission in South Sudan withdrew its peacekeepers from the camp recently.  A leader of the IDPs said 3,500 families are open to attack by armed criminals. “U.N. withdrew its troops on September 1st, it didn’t inform us. In the morning we

Marriage. In these socially distanced times, even the ceremony itself can’t always bring couples — and their families — together. In Africa, some digitally savvy couples are finding virtual workarounds to get them to the altar, including weddings where the bride and groom are thousands of kilometers apart. Fifi and Emmanuel Egbebu got married last month. But in these difficult

Somali health authorities say the number of maternal checkups and childhood vaccinations have plunged during the pandemic as many people fear catching COVID-19 at clinics and hospitals.  Healthcare workers worry the lack of medical care for pregnant women and children could result in a wave of common diseases that take more victims than COVID-19. Amina Mustaf and her family were displaced by drought three years ago and have since been living in a Mogadishu relief camp. Her three-week-old baby needed vaccinations, but she was too afraid of catching COVID-19 to go to