September 1, 2020

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Disembarking from one of 20 large tour buses on the Rwanda side of the Gasenyi-Nemba border crossing, Emanuel Biziman couldn’t contain his tears of joy at nearing his native Burundi. “Oh, I will finally find my relatives!” said Bizimana, amid the shouts and cries of more than 500 refugees preparing to cross into Burundi. Arriving Thursday, the refugees were in

Experts say an international convention universally ratified in August will give children legal protection against the worst forms of child labor. In Ghana, children are still used in hazardous labor, especially in fisheries and the cocoa industry.  One Ghanaian non-governmental organization is making a difference by rescuing children from work and getting them into school. When Stephen Addo goes out

Terrorist organizations appear to be tightening their grip on multiple regions of Africa, despite ongoing efforts by the United States and its allies to degrade their capabilities and limit their reach. The findings, part of a new report released Tuesday from the Defense Department inspector general, come as U.S.-led efforts have been forced to adjust, and in some cases, scale